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Reaching the Top: Know What’s Right for You

Another successful panel with Women Powering Technology! Tuesday was a fantastic networking evening with over 40 people in attendance. All three of our very accomplished panelists; Nilufer Erdebil, Suzanne Grant, and Chantal Hemens, had valuable insight and interesting stories to share.

When asked what she wished someone had told her when she was starting out, Suzanne’s response was to not always take people’s advice. A common message driven home by all the panelists was “to know what is right for you”. All three women felt that throughout their careers they had been told what they should or couldn’t do but that it was when they followed their own path that they felt happiest with the result.

The women were also asked about failures or decisions along the way that were pivotal. The resounding response was that failures or points of change are times to reflect. Suzanne noted, however, that reflection is equally important during the high points in our careers. It is easy to forget to think about where we are going and what we want when things are going well. Chantal mentioned more than once the value of choosing to do things that have scared her in her career. She suggested that we are all more capable than we give ourselves credit for. In her career, setting five year goals, asking herself where she wants to be personally at retirement age, and changing careers for the sake of change have pushed her to be successful and to keep growing. When talking about goals, Suzanne focused on moving in a strategic direction while Nilufer emphasized the importance of balancing both short term and long term goals. She talked about intentionally working regularly on defined things that move you towards your goals.

On the overarching topic of getting more young women into STEM careers, the panel agreed that strong role models are an important and a lacking first step. Chantal talked about showing students all the options as kids don’t always know the career paths that programs offer. Suzanne commented that men equally need to be supported in their decisions to be stay at home parents. A cultural shift in expectations of men will open the door for a shift in women’s roles as well.

Thank you to all who attended for another stimulating evening!

Women Powering Technology Online Home

Inspiring, supporting, elevating & empowering women in and entering technology

Women Powering Technology (WPT), led by CEO Angelique Mohring of Waterloo, welcomes you to our official website today (womenpoweringtechnology.org). This site is the first for WPT, a rapidly growing international network for women in technology across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Based on their mantra of supporting women in or entering tech careers – locally and globally – WPT’s website will serve as the gathering place for their worldwide audience.

WPT connects and benefits members worldwide

Angelique MohringSpearheaded by the newly-appointed Chief Marketing Officer Julia Rosien, WPT’s marketing team launched the website and social media channels to connect and empower members around the world. The site provides details about the benefits of getting involved in WPT, including mentorship, skill development and knowledge sharing. As the group expands its international footprint, the site will also showcase the work that WPT is doing to partner with technology hubs around the world.

“Women Powering Technology is about making real connections with our members, mentors and our local and global partners,” says Angelique Mohring, CEO of Women Powering Technology. “Technology, innovation, skill development, career advancement, business and economic growth are global challenges, not bound by geographical divides.  As we continue to build a robust ecosystem for Women Powering Technology, members can share both knowledge and experiences and find the connections and support they need to be successful.”


WPT’s vision and thought-leadership

In alignment with WPT’s vision, the blog will feature thought-leadership articles, information and insights that bring visibility to the powerful impact of women in the tech sector, as well as tackling current issues that prevent women from advancing in their careers. Initial blog posts will be written by WPT Board members and all members are encouraged to contribute to the conversation. [Waterloo] Inaugural Launch

“Through global networking and by cultivating vibrant, local chapters, WPT and its members can harness and promote skills of women in technology – which will drive economic growth worldwide,” says Julia Rosien, CMO of Women Powering Technology. “WPT is poised to make an impact in the world and we intend to harness our connections offline and online to grow a powerful, resource for all women in technology.”

If you’re a member of WPT and interested in technology, please read the submissions guidelines for more information. If you’re not a member, please visit our website to learn how you can connect and be part of this movement.

About Women Powering Technology

Women Powering Technology (WPT) inspires, supports, elevates and empowers women in technology personally, professionally and together as a community. WPT communities are growing quickly with local chapters in tech hubs across Canada, with international partnerships, and with active membership among students, young and established professionals and experienced leaders. Find the new WPT website at: womenpoweringtechnology.org. Connect with Women Powering Technology on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

[Waterloo] Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day together!


International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2013

Have you registered for International Women’s Day? Women Powering Technology celebrates International Women’s Day with Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and we hope to see you there.

Let’s celebrate together! Amazing speakers lined up: CEO of WPT Angelique Mohring and Keynote Sarah Prevette, Entrepreneur. Friday, March 8th, 11:30 – 1:30, St. George’s Banquet Hall.

Register for International Women’s Day


Friday March 8, 2013 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM EST
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St George Banquet Hall & Conference Centre
665 King Street North
Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8

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