[Ottawa] Women Leading Innovation and Change – Panel June 2nd

When: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 – 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.
Where: bitHeads – Westgate Shopping Centre, 1309 Carling Ave (Enter from outside the mall on the east side – door near Pet Store)
Cost: $12 (Early-bird discount) until May 25. Goes up to $15 May 26

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There are many instances of local women leading innovation and change in the technology sector. For our final event of the season, WPT has invited four of these women to participate in a panel discussion on effecting change through strong leadership. We have representation from software, biotech and telecommunications industries.

Our panelists will speak to what is currently happening in their areas of tech, how they became leaders in their fields, and how they are able to use their leadership positions to effect change in their industries. Following the panel presentations there will be a discussion with audience Q&A.

Refreshments and informal networking to follow.


Sue Abu-Hakima, Co-Founder/CEO of Amika Mobile

Cassandra Kelly-Cirino, Vice President, Infectious Diseases at DNA Genotek

Lorraine Chapman, Director of UX Healthcare at Macadamian

Jessica Ching, CEO of Eve Medical

After the panel discussion, questions from the audience will be welcomed.

Smaller group discussions with panel members and networking will follow.

The building is wheelchair accessible. Let ottawachapter@womenpoweringtechnology.org know if you will need to be met at the elevator.


Jessica Ching:

Jessica Ching is the Co-founder and CEO of Eve Medical, and believer in the idea that improved patient experiences can lead to better health outcomes. She is the inventor of Eve Medical’s core product, HerSwab, a device that enables women to collect their own samples without a doctor to screen for HPV and other sexually transmitted infections. In her first foray into entrepreneurship, Jessica has taken HerSwab from concept to commercial launch, and is loving the challenge of growing a medical device company. She is a graduate of the industrial design program at OCAD University, and a Martin Walmsley Fellow for Technological Entrepreneurship.

Sue Abu-Hakima:

For over 30 years, Sue Abu-Hakima has worked in technology, establishing an exemplary record as an Industry leader, employer and technology pioneer. Sue holds 30 International patents in content analysis, communications and security. Currently she is CEO of her second start-up Amika Mobile which focuses on situational awareness, communications and control in critical and emergency situations. Her first start-up, AmikaNow! focused on AI and automatic content analysis and she exited its compliance business to Entrust. Her leadership is key in securing financing and forming effective business and technical teams. Sue holds a B.Eng. from McGill University and Honours M.Eng. and Doctorate degrees from Carleton University in AI.

Lorraine Chapman:

Lorraine is Macadamian’s Director of UX Healthcare and plays a pivotal role in harmonizing end user needs, client expectations, and current technology. She leads clients in identifying product opportunities, conducting research, and planning UX strategy and growth. Her ability to grasp the subtle dynamics of business context and product requirements enables her to help define UX design strategy in support of fundamental business direction. She does this for medical information tool providers, EMR, as well as companies outside health care. Lorraine is recognized as an expert in UX research and chair of the HIMSS Health IT User Experience Committee. Her expertise delivering user-centric or driven solutions to health care providers makes her a sought after speaker and presenter to overflow audiences. As accomplished as she is, Lorraine is also a bit scary to some of us. She regularly gets up at 5:30 am, does a workout that most of us would associate with Navy Seals or Spartan warriors, and runs marathons when she doesn’t find this tiring enough. No wonder Lorraine has earned the nickname “Xena, Warrior Princess” at Macadamian. When she not living her Linda Hamilton/Terminator workout lifestyle she loves taking her daughters to places ranging from Pembroke to Tuscany – or biking with childhood friends through California and meeting eccentric millionaire winery owners along the way.

Cassandra Kelly-Cirino

Dr. Cassandra Kelly-Cirino has over 16 years experience working in Canadian and US public health laboratories.  Cassandra began her career at the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg working on various infectious diseases including prions.  In her 10-year tenure at the Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Cassandra served as the Deputy Director of the Biodefense Laboratory, a heavily regulated and accredited laboratory.  During this time Cassandra also completed a Ph.D. in Immunology and Infectious Diseases and developed vaccine and passive immunotherapeutic candidates for anthrax infections.   Dr. Kelly-Cirino engaged national and international stakeholders in the development of public health policy for infectious diseases with a focus on emergency response and preparedness, developed novel diagnostic assays for multiple pathogens, and served as third-party evaluator for commercial companies developing novel tools to combat infectious diseases.  Most recently, Dr. Kelly-Cirino joined DNA Genotek, a Canadian company known for its sample stabilization and collection technologies.  In her current role as Vice President of Infectious Diseases, Cassandra leads multiple initiatives to bring simple collection and stabilization solutions to the global public health and emergency response fields.  Dr. Kelly-Cirino’s extensive experience in public health has enabled her to design solutions that are well suited to infectious disease response during routine and outbreak situations.

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