Vision & Mantra for Women Powering Technology


To inspire, support, elevate and empower women in technology personally, professionally and together as a community.


We support women and their careers in technology – locally and globally

What is WPT and why does your contribution matter?

WPT is a Canadian non-profit organization with several Canadian chapters and extensive international partnerships in technology hubs across the UK and USA. We collaborate with corporations and individuals, men and women, to achieve our vision. Your contribution enables women to become more successful personally and professionally and help foster a healthier economy – locally and globally. Our goals through 2015 include:

  • Support and nurture the WPT local chapters within their individual communities (Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo)
  • Expand our international reach by strengthening our partnerships in international technology hubs (UK (London), New York, Boston, California, India…)
  • Create and support a continuous scholarship/bursary program for Canadian students preparing for a career in technology. As part of the award, students receive mentorship from WPT.
  • Strengthen and build partnerships with Canadian colleges and universities to support young women interested in technology
  • Promote cross-border information sharing & technology advances
  • Promote and facilitate active mentorships for WPT members by experienced leaders in our community

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