About Women Powering Technology

Why YOU need to be a part of WPT

Women Powering Technology (WPT) is an organization created to inspire, support, elevate and empower women in technology personally, professionally and together as a community.

As an organization, we create encouraging environments for women in technology. With local chapters in cities across Canada, international partnerships, and active membership among students, young and established professionals and leaders, our communities are growing fast.

We actively champion the advancement of women in technology with valuable networking opportunities and skill-development workshops that allow members to gain insight through experiential learning with practical tools and applications. Our diverse and unique events connect women in-person and online through our website, webinars and social media. At a national and global level, we deliver broader programs that connect us with our global community, facilitating dialogue, information sharing and partnerships.

How can I get involved?

To be a member or sponsor of WPT is just the first step. When you plug into the power of our communities, you connect with  our power supply – our members. When you become a member, you can:

  • Expand and nurture your own strong network of women who share similar experiences, interests and career aspirations
  • Participate in fun and informative local events such as professional development seminars and networking events
  • Become a  mentor or be mentored

Is WPT for me?

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